Yamaha YAC-VXS3F Pro Compact Surface Mount 8-ohm Speaker - 3.5"


Yamaha Commercial Surface Mount 3.5” Speaker

The sleek curves and attractive, minimalist design of Yamaha's VXS3F speakers make them easily adaptable to any commercial environment seeking a unique, subtle complement to the overall aesthetic. And their performance is just as impressive; featuring a speaker unit optimally tuned for high-resolution music playback, and flexible, intuitive design, these speakers offer everyone involved in the installation process—from installers and owners to end users— a simple, streamlined solution to easily integrate high-quality audio into an impressive variety of restaurant, retail, or professional environments. By combining this subtle, attractive design with the strict attention to sound quality that has earned Yamaha worldwide renown, VXS3F surface-mount speakers prove that style and substance aren't always mutually exclusive.

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Attractive, Discreet Design for Elegant Spaces

The polished presence of the VXS3F can add stylish appeal to any environment. This speaker presents a slim installed profile that appears to float in space, blending easily with just about any décor. The size of the speaker enclosure has been reduced as much as possible, while smoothly flowing lines and surfaces add visual charisma.

Sophisticated Natural Sound

The VXS3F speakers deliver refined, naturally pleasing sound. In order to provide richly expressive music playback even at low volume, Yamaha has applied years of accumulated skill and experience in tuning the system for the most natural reproduction of musical instruments as well as human voices. Careful selection of the highest quality drivers and components also elevates overall quality.

Choose the Model that Meets Your Needs

The VXS3F speakers are designed to deliver the same outstanding performance in different installed settings. The VXS3F is ideal for smaller installations such as retail stores where just a few speakers will be used to cover the service area. Wide dispersion allows effective coverage with a minimum number of speakers.

Designer's Comments

The compact VXS3F speakers feature an elegantly sculpted exterior design that visually expresses the outstanding quality and clarity of their sound. Gracefully flowing curves from rear to front represent the directness of the sound, while the triangular cross section makes optimum use of the space between walls and ceiling for seamless, efficient installation. With a design that creates the illusion of floating gently in space rather than appearing as a mechanical “unit” attached to a surface as an afterthought, these speakers are ideal for owners and proprietors who want to provide the highest sound quality without disrupting their interior décor.- Takenori OMACHI, Yamaha Design Laboratory.

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