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Shoot us an email (or fill the form BELOW) and let us know how many lines your business needs and we will let you know the best practice for your business.

Why Choose Us

Silarius is an exclusive T-Mobile business partner, Verizon business partner and AT&T business partner. Working directly with Carrier Sales Teams, Agents, and Resellers, we leverage the nation’s largest 5G Network to suite you needs of connected devices, solutions, and plans for both our partners and end users.

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IoT Solutions To Keep You Connected.

Today’s world is filled with smart technology that goes far beyond your mobile phone. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, Silarius can help your business stay connected and productive in all the ways you need to. Connect with Silarius and access critical data remotely from anywhere in real-time, using smart technology and reliable devices that allow you to work wherever you go, any time of day, without missing a beat.

Lead The Business Revolution.

Make The Switch Today. Whether you’re just beginning your search for reliable business wireless coverage, or have an existing provider and are looking to make a switch, Silarius can help. Sign up for T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T Business coverage directly through Silarius and get access to America’s fastest 5G LTE network.

International Advantages

International Advantages

International coverage and brand presence in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa allows extremely competitive International Pricing on a secure network with access anywhere in the world!

Mobile Without Borders

Mobile Without Borders

Unlimited calling to, from, and between any number in the U.S., MEXICO, and CANADA, including mobile numbers at NO EXTRA CHARGE or roaming fee. 5G LTE data usage is the same as U.S. with all Simple Choice services, including Music Freedom, work in Mexico and Canada

Extended Range LTE

Extended Range LTE™

Thanks to America’s fastest 5G LTE network, stay connected from coast to coast and boost your workflow. Silarius business solutions offer more data capacity per customer. Go ahead, transfer big files or video chat with ease. We DARE you.

Enhanced Network

ENHANCED NETWORK For Better Coverage

With UNLIMITED talk, text and data, there are NO OVERAGES while on our network. There are also NO annual service contracts, with a Price-Lock guarantee.

Your Dedicated T-Mobile, VERIZON and AT&T Equipment Distribution Provider.

As a trusted T-Mobile/Verizon and AT&T equipment distribution provider, Silarius offers a wide selection of on-demand hardware and accessories from the biggest name brands in the industry. Contact us for more information.