Shure WA307 Right-Angle 1/4" Instrument to TA4F Cable for Shure Transmitters (3')


The 3' Shure WA307 is a right-angle 1/4" instrument cable designed for use with Shure GLX-D, ULX-D, and QLX-D wireless transmitters. Ideal for musicians in live stage applications, the WA307 features a gold-plated 1/4" jack for connection to a guitar or bass, and a locking TA4F connector to allow easy hookup to your compatible transmitter. The instrument jack's gold plating reduces corrosion and enhances conductivity while the TA4F's locking mechanism inhibits accidental disconnects.

Gold-plated Neutrik 1/4" TS connector
Locking TA4F connector
Reduces handling noise
Enhances conductivity

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