Shure R184 Supercardioid Cartridge for Microflex Series Microphones (Black)


The black Shure R184 is a supercardioid microphone cartridge for Microflex-series lavalier, boundary, gooseneck, and overhead microphones equipped with an interchangeable cartridge. The modular design of the Microflex series means you can simply unscrew the mic element and swap it out for another one, giving you a wide choice of pick-up pattern options.

The R184 cartridge features a supercardioid polar pattern that focuses audio capture on the talent in a tight 115° pick-up angle in front of the mic capsule. This pattern picks up substantially less background sound, helping to keep feedback problems under control when using monitors and sound-reinforcement gear and ensures clear, intelligible speech.

This cartridge is compatible with the WL183, WL184, WL185 lavaliers and all Microflex microphones with an interchangeable-mic-cartridge design, including the MX183, MX184, MX185, MX202, MX391, MX392, MX393, MX405, MX410, MX412, MX415, MX418, and MX690 microphones. The R184B provides performance equal to the original cartridge included with the WL series lavaliers and Microflex MX series microphones.

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