KEF CI200TRB 8" T-Series Ultra-Shallow In-Wall Subwoofer (Each)


Boasting a formidable 200mm (8in.) subwoofer incarnation of our ultra-thin T Series woofer driver, the Ci200TRb opens up new possibilities for enjoying KEF’s uncompromised sound quality where installation space is at a premium.

Requiring less than 59mm (2 3/8 in.) of mounting depth, the Ci200TRb fits snugly in very narrow ceiling or wall spaces and is therefore specified for demanding applications such as today’s luxury high-rise apartments or your music system.

When used in passive mode, the Ci200TRb adds impressive depth of bass when matched with our Ci160TR round or Ci160TS square speakers. In active mode, powered by KEF’s KASA500 System Amplifier, the Ci200TRb delivers thunderous output expected from a subwoofer in today’s dynamic home theaters.


    • 59mm (2 3/8in.) mounting depth allows fitment to very restricted cavities
    • Ultra-slim 200mm (8in.) subwoofer unit with excellent bass extension
    • Paintable Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) and magnetic grille to blend unobtrusively with décor
    • Fast, versatile installation on virtually any surface via dogleg
    • Can be used as mono or stereo subwoofer
    • Can be used in passive mode with internal crossover or active mode with KEF’s KASA500 System Amplifier
    • Weather Resistant
    • IP64 Certified

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