Bosch LTC-9213-01 Pole Mount Adapter for LTC 9210, LTC 9212, LTC 9215

SKU: sil70551


Bosch Mounting Adapter for Surveillance Camera - Light Gray - 20 lb Load Capacity STEEL STRAPS FOR LTC 9210 LTC.

The Bosch LTC 9213/01 Pole Mount Adapter is designed to permit the installation of indoor and outdoor wall mounts to a pole that can support the total weight of equipment installed. The pole can range from 3 to 15” (76.2 to 381mm) in diameter. This pole mount adapter features a light gray finish and is compatible with the LTC 9215 series feed-through mounts, as well as the LTC 9210, LTC 9212/00, and LTC 9215/00S wall mounts. Made of lightweight aluminum, the pole mount adapter features a welded construction that provides it a rigid structure. Stainless steel straps are included in the pack for easy mounting.

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