Adept Audio ADS12 Dual Woofers, 12" Front-Firing Active, 12" Down-Firing


Adept’s subwoofers can handle all the bass you need to throw at them.

Each of our floor standing digital subwoofers feature rugged, long-throw forward-firing woofers.

They all feature down-firing passive radiators to rock every size room, delivering the most bass from the smallest space without breathing issues that ported subs can have.

These subs connect easily and include all necessary crossover and level controls for easy support of any number of speakers from Stereo to 5.1 to 7.1 and beyond!

The 8-inch ADS8  is ideal for smaller rooms, the 10-inch ADS10 is made for midsize rooms, and the 12-inch ADS12 is our powerhouse optimized for big room installations.

Frequency Response

21Hz – 200Hz

Power Handling

300 Watts RMS


12" Treated Paper

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