Remote Airport Deploys Open Platform Video to Monitor Facilities, Secure Operations

Jackson Hole Airport is the busiest airport in Wyoming, with nearly 500,000 in-bound passengers annually. The airport covers over 500 acres and has one runway that supports 11 hard-stands, nine boarding gates and three baggage carousels. It is unique for being entirely within Grand Teton National Park.

Distinct in its remote location and operation requirements, since 2009 the team at Jackson Hole Airport has relied on video management software (VMS) from Milestone Systems to enhance security, safety, and efficiency. Being isolated on the edge of wilderness makes both system reliability and flexibility important.

Over the past few years, the scalable system has enabled the airport to expand its video applications, first by growing their IT team then increasing the number of cameras, as well as the data storage capabilities.

“We’ve gone through some pretty big upgrades, and our use of video continues to expand,” said Andrew Wells, IT Manager for the Jackson Hole Airport. “We have close to 220 cameras in use now, with a lot of 4K cameras, and we increased our storage from 32 terabytes to a full petabyte.”

Wells explained that the airport made significant capital investments over recent years, and scaling out the video system was needed. New facilities included a fuel farm, car wash and expanded parking facilities.

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