Milestone Unveils Centralized Search in Latest VMS Release

Among new feature sets to the XProtect Smart Client are a new driver framework, adaptive streaming and enhanced device password management.


Users of the latest release of Milestone System’s XProtect Smart Client will be able to perform investigations faster and more intelligently than ever before with the introduction of centralized search.

In the latest product update of Milestone XProtect 2019 R3 video management software (VMS), the company has introduced several new features and capabilities, according to an announcement. These include a new driver framework, adaptive streaming and enhanced device password management.

With this product update, the company says it continues to pursue ever higher performing software to fulfill the market’s rising demands for cost-effective video technology solutions. In the announcement, Milestone includes the following update descriptions:

One of the main features of the 2019 R3 release is Search – a new centralized search platform in XProtect Smart Client, making it possible for users to search for everything in one place. Previously, users performed several standalone searches, depending on what data they were searching for.

With the new Search tool users can search for motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and other types of data, in one single place enabling rapid and efficient video investigations. Moreover, the new Search platform also smoothly embeds partner integrations and their powerful analytic capabilities via dedicated filtering options. Through specific plug-ins and devices, search criteria such as line-crossing and object-in-field will be enabled directly in the Search Tab, saving time and increasing efficiency.



The new Device Password Management continues XProtect’s focus on ease-of-use and enhanced cybersecurity during setup of new installations, as well as when expanding existing ones. This feature makes it possible for system administrators to manage all devices’ passwords directly from the XProtect Management Client for selected device manufacturers.

In the 2019 R3 update, the company doubled the number of supported device manufacturers and added the option to schedule future password changes according to the cadence in the organizations and their password policies, making device password management fully automatic.

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