Hanwha Announces New AI Cameras at GSX

Enhancing in-camera analytics with powerful object recognition and data mining capabilities

At GSX 2019, in booth , Hanwha Techwin America, a global supplier of IP and analog video surveillance solutions, will announce its new line of AI cameras. The new cameras recognize humans versus vehicles, faces, license plates and more, greatly enhancing the accuracy of video analytics over previous generations. The PNO-A9081 series features 4K resolution while the PNO-A8081 series features 5MP resolution. Both camera models include 2.2x zoom with motorized varifocal lenses (4.5~10mm, F1.6).

The new AI algorithms can discern human beings as distinct objects separate from their surroundings because they have been exposed to thousands of images of humans. With this additional data, the cameras can support advanced rules about the movement of cars and the movements of people within the same image.

"Analytic alerts can be more useful when we can be selective about the objects that matter to you," says Ray Cooke, Vice President - Products, Solutions, and Integrations at Hanwha Techwin America. "For example, trucks passing by in either direction near a loading zone might be expected behavior, so in this case you do not want motion from trucks to trigger an event. But we are now making alerts more selective, so if a person enters the area, an analytic event would be triggered."

The new AI cameras also tell users more about the objects they detect. They recognize types of vehicles such as a bus or car and the color of a vehicle as well. This additional metadata reduces the time to search video for objects of interest to minutes instead of hours.

"When speaking to end users about analytics, many still don't take full advantage of them", says Cooke. "Often, this is because of the false-positives with previous generation technology, or previous generation alerts not being selective enough for what they need to know from their cameras. With deep learning and neural networks, we have achieved a new level enhanced analytics and data gathering."

The new cameras utilize Hanwha's modular design, which enables quick and efficient installation and future maintenance.

Highlighted features and models:

PN0-A9081R, PNV-A9081R, PND-A9081RV, PND-A9081RF: 4K, 2.2X M-V/F (4.5~10mm, F1.6), AI, PoE+PNO-A8081R, PNV-A8081R, PND-A8081RV, PND-A8081RF: 5MP, 2.2X M-V/F (4.5~10mm, F1.6), AI, PoE+

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