FLIR Releases PTZ Cameras for Critical Infrastructure, Safe City Security

Three new pan/tilt/zoom security cameras are said to provide long- or short-range perimeter protection in all conditions.

ARLINGTON, Va. — FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) has unveiled three dome-shaped, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) security cameras.

The new models include two dual-sensor FLIR camera series for critical infrastructure locations, the Elara DX-Series and the Saros DM-Series; and a high-resolution visible camera for safe city deployments, the Quasar 4K IR PTZ.

These latest security products offer multiple lens options for long- and short-range needs to enable accurate perimeter protection of critical infrastructure, remote facilities and in urban city environments, day or night.

Critical infrastructure sites, such as utility substations and transportation centers, have significant and often increased security requirements. The latest FLIR Systems cameras featuring thermal imaging and 4K high-resolution sensors, the Elara DX-Series and Saros DM-Series, help deliver superior perimeter security protection where it matters most, according to a press release.

With the ability to see through fog, rain, sun glare, and snow, both series are said to provide the ability to spot heat signatures at all hours. The Elara DX-Series features longer viewing range capabilities, infrared illumination and a wiper blade that can be remotely operated for use in harsh conditions to ensure a clear view. The more compact Saros DM-Series provides shorter viewing range capabilities in a weatherized housing.

Both series offer eight lens options, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate lens for their application.

For the growing metropolitan city safety and security market, the Quasar 4K IR PTZ is said to deliver high-resolution visible video quality with low-light capabilities to give operators superior monitoring in large coverage areas, according to the company.


The new security cameras can provide a comprehensive end-to-end experience with a seamless integration to the FLIR United VMS platform or a complementary solution with integration available to all major platforms, according to the company.

“With our latest products, FLIR is delivering advanced cameras purpose-built for perimeter protection and the evolving security needs of critical infrastructure sites and cities,” says Travis Merrill, president of the commercial business unit at FLIR. “For surveillance in critical environments, including utility substations, airports, train stations or stadiums, these perimeter protection cameras are designed to withstand harsh environments to help keep sites secure and people safe.”

The Saros DM-Series is available for purchase immediately while both the Elara DX and Quasar IR PTZ will be available in the first half of fiscal 2020.

December 26, 2019 SSI Staff

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