Yamaha YAC-XMV4280 Pro 70V/8-ohm Power Amplifiers - 4CH 280W


Yamaha Pro 70V/8-ohm Power Amplifier

An multi-channel Class D power amplifier for fixed installation, background / foreground sound reinforcement applications requiring premium sound quality, flexible signal routing, monitoring and control capabilities. In addition to standard analog input / output configuration, the XMV8280 power amplifier features the Yamaha YDIF digital audio transfer protocol which uses a standard ethernet cable for signal routing between YDIF enabled devices reducing setup time and configuration.

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Find additional information like application diagrams and product details on the Yamaha website.

Simultaneous Low & High Impedance Operation

XMV power amplifiers can operate in both high-impedance (70V/100V) or low-impedance (4Ω/8Ω) modes simultaneously eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Double Power Mode

Doubles the output power of selected channels for loudspeakers with higher output power capabilities.

Protection Features

Powerful and intelligent protection functions like low load impedance, overcurrent and thermal protection assures long product life and consistent performance.

Flexible Source Select

Individual select input sources can be selected for each output channel.

Audio Backup Mode

If the incoming digital pilot tone is interrupted, MXV amps will automatically switch to the analog input ensuring audio is not interrupted.

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