Yamaha YAC-VXL1W-24 Pro Slim Line Array Loudspeaker


Yamaha Pro Slim Line Array Loudspeaker

VXL series line source loudspeakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form-factor that is ideal for a variety of environments. VXL line source loudspeakers offer excellent projection as well as uniform volume and sound quality over a wide listening area, making them a great choice for highly reflective rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other facilities that require maximum intelligibility throughout the listening area. The VXL series includes three models VXL1-8, VXL1-16 and the VXL1-24 each featuring 1.5 inch full range drivers, that can be combined to optimally serve a variety of installations and spaces. The slim 2.1-inch (54mm) wide enclosures feature elegantly curved grille designs that blend beautifully with any décor to deliver superior and uniform speech and music reproduction in a wide variety of applications.

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Slim Line Source Loudspeakers Blend High Sound Quality with Visual Elegance

The VXL1 series cabinets feature 2.1-inch (54mm) wide enclosure with a slim, elegant profile that blends effortlessly into any décor. At the heart of the designs are high-performance, 1.5-inch, full-range drivers configured to deliver natural response down to 77 Hz* for full-range performance that is ideal for speech and music reproduction.

High-performance drivers with neodymium magnets are arranged vertically to create a line source that achieves outstanding projection. By focusing sound in the vertical direction, reflections can be minimized resulting in high-clarity and intelligible sound in the target area.

Excellent Scalability

The compact drivers used in the VXL1 series contribute to 170° horizontal dispersion and 20° (+10° ~ -10°) vertical dispersion. A rear-panel switch allows vertical dispersion to be expanded downward by 40° (+10° ~ -30°) so that a wide range of applications can be accommodated.* Sound pressure level and coverage can be further adjusted as required by combining models with different numbers of driver units, expanding the range of potential applications. *VXL1-8 vertical dispersion is fixed at 40° (+10° ~ -30°).

Vertical Coverage Expansion

Vertical coverage can easily be adjusted via a rear-panel switch. The “Wide” setting expands the dispersion angle in the downward direction only, improving coverage at the front of the listening area.

Flexible Installation Options

In addition to the included wall-mount brackets, a comprehensive range of optional hardware is available for VXL1 series enclosures to facilitate mounting and setup in multiple environments. The WMB-L1 wall mount bracket provides vertical and horizontal angle adjustments, the VCB-L1 bracket allows a VXL1 enclosure to be stacked on top of another, VCSB-L1 brackets enable two VXL1 enclosures to be stacked on top of each other along with downward angle adjustment of the entire array, while the HCB-L1 bracket facilitates horizontal deployment of two VXL1 loudspeakers in an array. For high-impedance (70V/100V) applications, the low saturation ST-L1 transformer is also available.

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