Yamaha YAC-VXC8W 8 Pro 70V/8-ohm In-Ceiling Speaker - 8"


Yamaha Pro 70V/8-ohm In-Ceiling Speaker

Yamaha designed the new VXC speakers to accommodate a growing list of applications in the installation market. While these speakers deliver quintessential Yamaha sound quality, they have also been carefully designed for safe and easy installation.

*Compatible mounting brackets: YAC-VXC-NCB4, NCB6, NCB8

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Find additional information like application diagrams and product details on the Yamaha website.

Ceiling Speakers For A Variety Of Applications

VXC Series in-ceiling loudspeakers combine premium acoustical performance with an elegant industrial design. Available in three different models each with varying coverage pattern and frequency response, these plenum listed (UL 1480) loudspeakers enable integrators to select a loudspeaker best suited for the venue and application. An internal transformer enables high-impedance operation while the 8-ohm bypass switch supports low impedance functionality helping simplify inventory and project management responsibilities.

Safe, Seamless Installation

VXC Series loudspeakers feature anti-drop tabs that enable them to be temporarily mounted in the ceiling for a safer and easier installation process. Moreover, an attached carrying handle makes it possible to carry enclosures with a single hand grip or clipped to a work belt via carabiner freeing hands for improved personal safety.

Superior Aesthetic Design

In addition to unprecedented sound quality and acoustic performance, significant consideration has been given to the VXC Series baffle and grille designs. The hexagonal pattern on the grilles not only provide an unobtrusive appearance, the careful spacing of the perforation pattern has been designed to improve sound clarity by raising the aperture ratio. Still, the innovative design and placement of the tweeter improves sound clarity providing unrestricted movement of the woofer cone.

Paintable Grilles For Your Unique Room Design

VXC Series feature paintable grilles enabling VXC loudspeakers to easily match the décor and interior design of any environment. With grilles that cover the entire baffle, this eliminates the need for messy paint shields and the enclosures can be installed while grilles are off being painted saving time and money.

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