Yamaha YAC-EXI8 Pro Expander for MTX/MRX | 8 Channel


Yamaha Pro Input or Output Expander for MTX/MRX | 8 Channel

EXI8 input expanders convert analog microphone/line audio to digital and transmits the signal using the Yamaha YDIF format. The EXI8's preamps can be controlled remotely from Yamaha Pro Fixed Architecture DSP Processor (MTX)/Yamaha Pro Dante Open Architecture DSP Processor (MRX) via Ethernet cable. EXO8 output expanders feature 8 channels of DA converters that produce high quality analog audio by converting digital output from MTX/MRX series processors via YDIF.

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Find additional information like application diagrams and product details on the Yamaha website.

LAN Monitoring Capabilities

Network monitoring from the Yamaha LAN Monitor software application.

Switchable Sample Rates

Sampling rates at 44.1kHz and 48kHz.

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