ViewSonic VA951S 19" 5:4 IPS Monitor


With a 5:4 aspect ratio, the VA951S 19" 5:4 IPS Monitor from ViewSonic is designed to suit the needs of those using applications that may not render properly on a 16:9 widescreen display. In addition to the 5:4 aspect ratio, this display features a 1280 x 1024 resolution along with a SuperClear IPS panel with 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Setup and configuration is simple thanks to both VGA and DVI inputs, while the VESA mount compatible housing makes mounting the monitor to the wall quick and easy. ViewSonic has also built-in both a Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technology into the display to help alleviate eye strain during periods of extended viewing.

5:4 Aspect Ratio for Legacy Applications and Retail Environments

With a standard 5:4 aspect ratio and 1280 x 1024 resolution, this display is suitable for business-specific applications. In addition, with a square compact shape, it can also be used as a countertop display in public environments with space constraints.

SuperClear Image Enhancement Technology with Wide Viewing Angles

This technology delivers an optimal color performance and extends display viewing angles to 178° both horizontally and vertically. You can experience accurate and vivid colors with consistent levels of brightness whether looking at the screen from above, below, the front, or the side, without any color distortion or decay.

ViewMode Settings for Enhanced On-Screen Content

With five intuitive scenario presets, ViewMode feature offers screen calibration for accurate color-rendering and performance. "Game," "Movie," "Web," "Text," and "Mono" presets enhance gamma curve, color temperature, contrast, and brightness to deliver an optimized viewing experience for different screen applications.

ViewSonic Flicker-Free Viewing for Improved Eye Comfort

This flicker-free display provides a comfortable viewing experience. Rather than using Pulse Width Modulation that continuously turns the LED backlight on and off, it uses DC modulation backlights that maintain a steady stream of direct current power, nearly eliminating screen flickering at all brightness levels by providing a constant LED light source. This lets you work at your computer, play games, or watch movies longer without eye fatigue.

Blue Light Filter for Comfortable Viewing

Prolonged exposure to certain levels of blue light can cause eye discomfort. ViewSonic displays feature a Blue Light Filter setting that allows users to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, enabling long viewing times and increased eye comfort for work and multimedia applications.

2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Dynamic contrast ratio detects the brightness of an image, and automatically adjusts the backlight to maximize the monitor's color range and contrast. This technology enables the accurate reproduction of images, producing optimal visual effects.


This display features a 100 x 100mm VESA-mountable design that allows you to mount the display on a monitor stand or on a wall, depending on your specific needs. You can easily unscrew the base, and then mount the display on its stand or wall mount.

Planet-Friendly Mercury-Free LED Backlighting

LED backlighting enhances display performance, delivers an optimal color range, and adjusts contrast ratios for enhanced detailed images. It is eco-friendly, and has mercury-free LED backlighting, and further it conserves up to 25% more energy when compared to conventional displays. In addition, LED backlighting provides for a slim, lightweight profile that saves desktop space.

Eco-Mode Conserves Energy

Eco-mode feature is built into all LED displays, offering options to select ʺOptimize (80%)ʺ or ʺConserve (65%)ʺ settings that save up to 32%* power. Especially in low ambient light, Eco-mode adjusts brightness and improves visibility, while reducing eye fatigue and prolonging the display's lamp life. With Eco-mode, both lamp replacement and energy expenditures are reduced.

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