Vertiv SC845DPH-400 Cybex SC800 Secure KVM| 4 Port Universal DP/H Single Display| CAC PP4.0



The Vertiv Cybex SC800 series secure desktop KVM switching portfolio offers a proven solution for guarding against desktop cyber intrusion while working efficiently and with a minimum of clutter. These switches enable users to seamlessly and securely switch between multiple computer resources at the push of a button. Certified to meet the recently released NIAP Common Criteria Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices (PSD) ver. 4.0, the Vertiv Cybex KVM switches provide high resolution compatibility up to UHD 4K at 60Hz. The Vertiv Cybex SC800 series models are available in single-head and dual-head two-port, four-port, and eight-port options, with the DPHC models coming with a USB-C connection. With a universal port on every unit, the Vertiv Cybex SC800 can use a combination of DP, HDMI, or VDI-D cables without needing additional adaptors.

High Security for Peripheral Desktop Sharing

Vertiv Cybex SC800 Secure Desktop KVM Switches guard against cyber intrusion at the desktop. These switches provide advanced peripheral isolation among desktop computers with secure switching that isolates data and prevents data leakage, transfer and crosstalk to unauthorized devices. Vertiv Cybex SC800 switches transition smoothly between supported computers with instant Cursor Navigation Switching (CNS). Active intrusion-detection verifies the integrity of the hardware and an optional Dedicated Peripheral Port (DPP) provides secure connection to common access card readers plus additional types of authentication devices. The Vertiv Cybex SC800 KVM Switches provide advanced video support for dual monitors as well as customizable LEDs for enhanced channel identification.

  • Certified to National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profile V4.0.
  • Isolated ports provide discrete processing paths, preventing data leakage between adjacent ports.
  • Provides unique, customizable indicators that improve situational awareness of active channels.
  • Tamper-evident holographic labels visibly indicate any compromised hardware.
  • Gain true image reproduction and display flexibility.

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