Vertiv PSI5-800RT120 Liebert PSI5 2U Rack/Tower UPS, 800VA/720W, 120V


Product Overview

The flexible design of the Liebert® PSI5 allows the UPS to be tower (MT models), 1U rack mountable (1U models), or to be configured as a self-standing tower or to be rack-mounted within a 2U space (RT models). It is available from 750VA to 5000VA with both 120V or 208V models. The Liebert PSI5 UPS features an innovative advanced line-interactive design incorporating buck/boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology. This protects against utility voltage fluctuation by raising and lowering utility power to the level needed by the connected equipment. It also allows the UPS to prolong battery life by maximizing its time on utility power before going to battery. Not for sale in Vermont, Colorado, Washington.


  • ULTIMATE POWER PROTECTION: The advanced pure sine wave UPS from Vertiv compensates for power fluctuations, protects against equipment damage, and prevents data loss during a power disturbance. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology safeguards equipment against a range of utility power fluctuations without battery operation.
  • EASY MONITORING: The Vertiv™ Liebert® PSI UPS offers a compact 2U rackmount/tower configuration, with the LCD display panel rotating 90 degrees to make the readout easy to see in either configuration, including output overload, or low-battery or replace-battery warnings.
  • HIGH-END ELECTRONICS: With advanced pure sine wave power conditioning, the Vertiv Liebert PSI UPS protects valuable electronic equipment from the damage power fluctuations can cause. The Vertiv™ Liebert® PSI5 UPS allows users to save their progress during power loss and safeguard expensive electronics when utility power fluctuates.
  • Eligible for the Vertiv™ Trade-In Program. Contact a Vertiv partner for discount rates and to calculate your savings
  • Not for sale in Vermont, Colorado, Washington.
Main Features
  • The 800VA UPS offers power protection and has AVR to extend battery life.
  • With Pure Sine Wave UPS, it protects against power fluctuations, equipment damage and data loss.
  • This single phase line interactive UPS has 0.9 output power factor or more usable power.
  • Add a communication card to this UPS to monitor devices remotely.
  • The rotatable LCD allows you to view of real-time conditions, alarm notice, and runtime information.
General Information
Name: Vertiv PSI5-800RT120 Liebert PSI5 2U Rack/Tower UPS, 800VA/720W, 120V, Vertiv, Vertiv
Category: Vertiv, Batteries & Power Supplies, Power Management, UPS
UPC Code: 812105028694
Country of Origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.

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