Veracity VPSU-57V-1500-US 57V 1500mA Power Supply for CAMSWITCH Plus


Product Overview

Power your CAMSWITCH Plus, while also extending its range with the57V Power SupplyfromVeracity. The power supplies 78W and is designed for use with the CAMSWITCH Plus network port. When this 57V power supply is used, the CAMSWITCH Plus can deliver enhanced POE to Veracity OUTREACH Max, HIGHWIRE PowerStar and LONGSPAN products for maximum range. This power supply is designed for use in the US.

Main Features

  • Increases Range of CAMSWITCH Plus
  • 78W Power Supply
  • 100 - 240V AC Normal Input Voltage
  • 90 - 264V AC 50/60Hz Input Voltage/Frequency (rated)
  • 1.0A at full load and any input voltage Current (rated)
  • 57V DC (+/- 3.0V) Normal Output Voltage
  • 1.5A Maximum Output Current
  • For Use in US
  • Product Case Dimensions: L 143mm W 64mm H 36mm
General Information
Name: Veracity VPSU-57V-1500-US 57V 1500mA Power Supply for CAMSWITCH Plus, Veracity USA, Inc, Veracity
Category: Veracity, Video Surveillance, Power Products, Power Supplies
UPC Code: 892314002593
Country of Origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.

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