Veracity VOR-OB12 OUTBREAK 12V PoE Ethernet Splitter


Product Overview

Veracity's OUTBREAK lets you upgrade network equipment such as IP cameras to be fully PoE compatible.

Simply connect OUTBREAK in line with the IP camera's network connection, and wire its DC output to the camera's power input. The camera can then connect to the network while OUTBREAK converts Power over Ethernet to the lower-voltage supply it requires.

Main Features

  • Simple POE splitter delivering clean power to non-POE devices
  • Fully IEEE 802.3af compliant and gigabit compatible
  • Steps down POE voltage (48V) to 5V or 12V DC
  • Compact unit with integral wall mount lugs
  • Ideal for non-POE wireless access points, IP phones, IP cameras
General Information
Name: Veracity VOR-OB12 OUTBREAK 12V PoE Ethernet Splitter, Veracity USA, Inc, Veracity
Category: Veracity, Data Communications & Networking, PoE Devices, PoE Splitters
UPC Code: 892314002715
Country of Origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.

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