Veracity VLS-LS-B8 LONGSPAN Base 8 Long Range PoE with Gigabit Switch


Product Overview

LONGSPAN®is an attractive alternative to fibre as it delivers data AND power over the same cable at long distances.

LONGSPAN Base 8™ integrates 8 LONGSPAN®links with a gigabit switch, requiring only one main network switch port per eight channels, saving on overall costs.

Unrivalled range and bandwidth
IP cameras can demand peak network bandwidth of several times their average data rate while transmitting high-activity or low-light scenes.

LONGSPAN®products are designed to connect IP cameras at ranges of up to 820 metres (with Cat6 cable), supporting the 200Mbps aggregate bandwidth required for full-duplex 100Base-TX Ethernet. LONGSPAN devices therefore ensure perfect image quality at all times, even at the longest cable ranges.

Multi channel integration
The Base 8 variant of the LONGSPAN range integrates eight long-range LONGSPAN links with a gigabit Ethernet switch for scalable, high-density, multi-channel installations. Each rack-mountable unit requires only one main network switch port per eight LONGSPAN channels, saving on overall costs. An SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) socket is provided for an optional fibre uplink connection for maximum flexibility. Up to four Base 8 units can be mounted in 1U, with an optional rear-mounted 1U power supply, delivering an impressive channel density of 32 per U. A 1U faceplate with four Base slots and rack mounting tray are available as optional accessories.

High power POE
LONGSPAN Base 8 offers four 30W POE channels (802.3at) and four 70W POE channels (802.3bt). This allows significant flexibility in overall system design and power budgets for IP cameras. The four 30W links have the same POE range as standard LONGSPAN devices. The four 70W links have POE ranges for typical POE classes as indicated in the Base 8 High Power Range.

Note that to exploit POE levels above 25W, LONGSPAN Max devices must be used at the camera end. LONGSPAN Base 8 is equipped with a cooling fan which automatically switches on at higher power loads. See POE reference tables below for power and distance information.

Non POE application
For network-only non-POE applications, any LONGSPAN Base 8 link can be connected to a "Lite" version of LONGSPAN, which is designed for
long-distance data transmission only.

Longer range
For even more extreme distances, LONGSPAN links can automatically drop to 10Base-T operation to support a range of up to 1,050 metres (3,450ft), and still deliver sufficient POE (over Cat6) to power a 13W IP camera.

Designed for installers
All LONGSPAN devices self-configure for the best performance every time they are connected. No user setup, no DIP switch settings, and no system pairings are required.

General Information
Name: Veracity VLS-LS-B8 LONGSPAN Base 8 Long Range PoE with Gigabit Switch, Veracity USA, Inc, Veracity
Category: Veracity, Data Communications & Networking, Hubs, Routers & Switches, Network Switches
UPC Code: 892314002340
Country of Origin: Taiwan. Country of origin is subject to change.

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