Veracity VAD-PPW Pinpoint Wireless IP Camera Installation Tool

Product Overview

Connect a PoE-powered network camera to PINPOINT Wireless Installation Tool & Wireless Link fromVeracity to view live video from a camera on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simply download the free CAMPOINT mobile app for iOS and Android to customize camera settings and more, depending on the connected camera. The PINPOINT Wireless is PoE-powered and draws power directly from the existing PoE connection without interrupting power to the camera. This installation tool has a built-in WAP to connect to the camera directly.

Main Features

  • Wirelessly connect to a camera using the free CAMPOINT mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Connect to the PINPOINT Wireless unit using a web browser
  • PoE-powered for quick connection and disconnection
  • PoE pass-through from the PINPOINT Wireless unit to camera
  • Adjustments of lens focus and viewing angle (compatible camera required and available separately)
  • Automatic camera discovery
General Information
Name: Veracity PinPoint Wireless Focus and Setup Adapter, Veracity USA, Inc, Veracity
Category: Veracity, Tools & Hardware, Test Equipment, Camera Test Equipment
UPC Code: 892314002814
Country of origin: China. Country of origin is subject to change.

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