Vanco EVOIPRX1 EVO-IP Receiver

    • Supports 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 chroma
    • System can support over 1000 transmitters and receivers
    • HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatible
    • Dolby/DTS/PCM audio formats supported
    • HDCP 2.2/1.4
    • POE or can be powered using provided power supply
    • Manual dip switch configurable for a truly IP-Less installation
    • Easy GUI automatically detects new devices in the system
    • Customizable labels and names of sources and displays
    • Setup through the GUI can be done without a computer even being on site
    • Analog and Digital audio breakouts on TX and RX
    • Upscale to 4K@30Hz or downscale to 720p
    • EDID preset/learning
    • Video Wall mode supports configurations up to 25 displays
    • OSD mode to display text, pictures, or logos on the screen
    • Great for digital signage!
    • Connects to the cloud to schedule events or to troubleshoot a situation remotely
    • Able to be controlled with Alexa enabled products

    Tech Support:

      • For EVO-IP tech support, please first complete the EVO-IP training here to become EVO-IP Certified

    Package Contents:

    EVOIPTX1, EVOIPRX1, OR EVOIPCTL1 unit (each sold separately)
    IR Transmitter (with EVOIPTX1 and EVOIPRX1)
    IR Receiver (with EVOIPTX1 and EVOIPRX1)
    5V Power Supply (optional, can be used as a redundant power with use of a POE switch)
    Set of mounting ears/screws
    Product Manual

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