Telguard TG4LV002 TG-4 LTE-V Universal Cellular Primary/Backup LTE Alarm Communicator, Verizon


Telguard model TG-4 LTE-V transmits alarm signals over the Verizon LTE network if the telephone line or data network has been disrupted, compromised or when there is no wire line service available.

The TG-4 LTE-V, the ideal solution for light commercial, business and residential applications, transmits full data from security and fire systems to central stations.

Telguard technology allows full data reporting for unlimited point-to-point signal details and maximum transmitting power for superior in-building penetration. Telguard products are easy to install, economical, and UL Listed.

Main Features
  • Certified for use on Verizon's LTE network for long, sunset-free installation
  • Serves as either primary or backup alarm communicator.
  • Features HomeControl Flex™ for remote arming and disarming when installed in primary mode.
  • Panel downloading with the Telguard Virtual Modem.

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