T-Spec V10RCA-172 V10 SERIES RCA Cable (17ft)

  • The T-Spec goal is to bring innovation and value to every product, and this series of RCA cables is no exception. T-Spec v10 SERIES 17 ft. RCA Cable features high levels of noise rejection resulting from meticulous build quality using only the finest materials available. This combination provides maximum performance. Plus all T-Spec RCA cables feature a proprietary ultra-flexible PVC jacket that is so durable it is BC-5W2 marine compliant.
  • Quad twist for improved noise rejection
  • Ultra-flexible PVC-blended jacket
  • Patented high-tolerance compact machined metal end
  • Quad-split tip for maximum contact area
  • Packaged in high-end retail box
  • 17ft

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