System Sensor 90243A-802-01-L HyperSpike LineWave 4-Speaker Array, UL1480, 40W, Black


Product Overview

Designed with the latest technology in line array speaker systems, the HyperSpike® LineWave is optimized to produce clear and authoritative voice commands and powerful tones never before possible within reverberant environments. The beam forming capability of the LineWave speaker allows even coverage across the listening plane while focusing the acoustic pattern away from surfaces that cause unwanted reflections. This technology is essential for achieving optimum levels of speech intelligibility within reverberant spaces. The result is clear and intelligible direct sound that ensures critical messages are heard and understood.

Main Features

  • Industry Leading Voice Intelligibility for Reverberant Space
  • 123dB Max SPL @ 1 Meter
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Universal Mounting Interface
  • 25V, 70V & 100V or 4/8 16 Cconfigurable 
  • Durable environmental resistant construction 
General Information
Name: System Sensor 90243A-803-01-L HyperSpike LineWave 8-Speaker Array, UL1480, 80W, Black, System Sensor
Category: System Sensor, Fire, Fire Notification Appliances, Speakers
UPC Code: 855314008880
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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