SureCall SC-LP Lightning Protector - 50 Ohm


SureCall Lightning Protector

Protect SureCall cell phone signal boosters from damaging electrical surges with this in-line connector piece. This SureCall Lightning Protector is weather-resistant with an attenuation of < 0.2dB and a frequency range of up to 3GHz.

Compatibility Note - The SC-LP model is compatible as a connector piece for SC-400 and SC-600. The SC-LP-75 model is compatible as a connector piece for SC-RG11.



  • N-Female Connectors (50 Ohm model), F-Female Connectors (75 Ohm model) and F-Male Connectors (75 Ohm model)
  • Weather-resistant
  • Attenuation <0.2dB
  • Frequency range up to 3GHz
  • Replaceable gas discharge element

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