SunBriteTV SB-SP472-WH 2-Channel Passive Soundbar 32" - 43" Outdoor TVs (White)


This all-weather soundbar is the perfect complement to your SunBriteTV. With plug-and-play installation, a built-in mounting system, and a low-profile form factor, it fits seamlessly into your outdoor install.


The 20W All-Weather Detachable Speaker Bar from SunBriteTV is designed for use with specific landscape and portrait-mode outdoor signage and HDTV models.


  • SB-S-43-4K
  • SB-3214HD
  • DS-3214TSL
  • SB-4217HD
  • DS-4217P
  • DS-4217TSL
  • DS-4217TSP
  • DS-4717P
  • DS-4717TSP
  • DS-4720P
  • DS-5517P
  • DS-5517TSP

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