Sperry West SW6100T High-accuracy temperature detection Terminal

• Sperry West’s SW6100T camera
• High-accuracy temperature detection
• Non-contact automatic body temperature
detection. Face recognition simultaneously
performs high-accuracy infrared human
temperature acquisition. Fast and efficient
• Temperature measurement range 30º-45º (C)
• Accuracy + 0.3º (C)
• Temperature measurement distance 30-80cm
• Temperature response times 30ms
• Support real-time voice warning of high
• Provide temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol
• Automatically checks and records information
• Dual WDR camera for live people and different
body shape detection.
• Support 22,400 faces database and 100,000
• Can record to NVR or 5 in 1 DVR
• Realtime monitored via PC or laptop
• APP Alarm push
• Excellent image quality and stable system
• Weight: 2.5KG. Packed size: 42”18”23cm

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