Sonos Ray Soundbar (Black) RAYG1US1BLK

Even those who are not tech savvy can upgrade their TV's audio with the black Ray Soundbar from Sonos. Setup is quick and easy with a stress-free 2-cable installation. Just plug in the power and plug in the included optical cable to your TV's optical audio output. The result is a compact speaker with multiple amps and drivers that produce a dynamic, wide soundstage for TV, movies, and gaming, as well as crisp and easy-to-hear dialogue. Thanks to Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connectivity, you can also use the Ray to stream your favorite audio and thousands of free live stations via the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and more.

Clear Dialogue

Built into the Sonos Ray are four Class-D digital amplifiers and four drivers (two woofers and two tweeters). These work with anti-distortion technology and advanced processing to emit a wide, dynamic soundstage and accurate positioning of audio elements. With fine-tuning by Hollywood engineers and the use of TruePlay software, this sound ensures that dialogue in TV and movies remains crisp, clear, and easy to understand. If needed, you can activate the Speech Enhancement feature in the Sonos app for even more clarity.
TruePlay calibration requires a supported iOS device.

Do Not Disturb

With Night Sound turned on, loud sound effects are reduced in intensity, while still keeping dialogue clear, helping you watch your favorite shows without disturbing others in your home.

Compact Size

The Sonos Ray is only 22" wide, under 4" deep, and under 3" high, making it possible to store within many types of media stands.

Sonos App

Besides being required for setup, the Sonos mobile app is used to stream music, podcasts, and online radio through the Sonos Ray. It can also be used to access different functions, such as Speech Enhancement, Night Sound, and make EQ adjustments to tweak bass, treble, and loudness. If you ever want to expand the Sonos Ray with the Sonos Sub and a matching pair of One, One SL, Sonos Five, or PLAY:1/3/5 speakers for rear surrounds, the app lets you group everything together and easily ungroup them if you decide to place the speakers in different rooms later.

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