Silarius SIL-OUTAP1G128 Multi-band Gigabit Outdoor Wireless Access Point


Outdoor AP Description

The Multi-band gigabit high-density outdoor wireless access point (Model SILOUTAP1G128) is a 802.11ac wireless access point independently developed by Silarius. The SILOUTAP1G128 supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocol, provides 4 spatial streams and 2 independent channels, greatly increases the number of bands and concurrent traffic, adopts 1G Gigabit Ethernet port uplink, breaking through the limitation of 100M uplink rate, ensuring wireless high-speed transmission, the maximum wireless access rate reaches up to 1.167Gbps, which fully satisfy the requirements of outdoor squares, long-distance wireless coverage in stadiums, scenic spots, parks, and playgrounds, etc. The SILOUTAP1G128 enclosure meets IP67 anti-dust and waterproof, which applicant for various harsh environments, the PoE power supply solution can solve the problem of difficult power access in outdoor environments and can be flexibly deployed according to needs.


AP Highlights

  • The first multi-band Wi-Fi technology

Adopting Silarius's multi-band Wi-Fi frequency division multiplexing technology, single outdoor AP supports 128 terminals to receive 64 terminals concurrently, and the wireless access rate is 1.167Gbps.

  • Dual-band 2 x 2:2 MIMO Technology

Adopt 2.4G and 5G dual radio link design, support four independent spatial streams, increase the number of terminal access four times.

  • Unique External PA and LNA design

Adopt 4 sets of external high-performance independent power amplifier circuit (PA) and low-noise power amplifier receiver circuit (LNA) to improve wireless transceiver performance, suitable for outdoor long-distance wireless coverage.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Interface

Adopts Gigabit Ethernet Uplink port, which breaks through the limitation of the 100M speed, just need one network cable for power supply and communication.

  • Equipped with 4 omni-directional high gain antennas

Equipped with two 5dBi(2.4G) and two 5dBi(5G) high-gain omni-directional antennas to fully realize the requirements of outdoor large-scale and long-distance coverage.

  • Intelligent load balancing

In the case of high-density wireless users, combined with Silarius AC series products, through intelligent load balancing based on the number of users, traffic, and frequency bands, it improves bandwidth utilization and provides more extreme Internet experience.

  • Intelligent RF anti-interference

Automatic adjust the working channel and transmit power of the wireless access point and perform real-time detection of interference from the surrounding environment to reduce wireless interference and improve the overall quality of wireless network.

  • 5G Priority Algorithm

Support 5G priority algorithm, compatible with multiple devices to replace the 5G high-speed channel simultaneously, maximize the use of 5G transmission high bandwidth.

  • Gigabit PoE waterproof Interface

Outdoor AP uplink adopts Gigabit PoE Ethernet waterproof interface, supports remote PoE power supply, makes the outdoor power supply communication more stable.

  • Multiple Safe Authentication Methods

Provides a variety of flexible and secure user authentication methods, combined with Silarius AC product series portfolio network deployment to achieve authentication methods such as 802.1x, etc. to satisfy the network deployment in enterprise, schools, shopping malls, and hotels environments.

  • VPN Remote Access

Compatible Working with Silarius AC products to establish a VPN encrypted channel, users who access the network can directly access the shared resources of the intranet.

  • Industrial grade IP67 protection grade

The AP’s enclosure adopts casting aluminum shell material, professional enclosed design waterproof joints, it support dustproof, waterproof and anti-condensing fog, suitable for various outdoor harsh environments, with 6KV lightning protection design, greatly extending the working life of the equipment

  • FAT/Fit Integration

AP supports the integration of FAT and FIT and can be flexibly switched at any time according to different networking requirement. Large scale AP will be managed by AC Controller of Silarius product series.

  • Support English SSID

Support English SSID, you can specify an SSID containing up to 32 characters, to provide a personalized SSID for shopping malls or enterprises to improve recognition.

  • Flexible Installation

The industry’s first tripod installation method supports customized cantilever bracket ceiling installation to be more reliable.

  • Multi-frequency Wireless Mesh networking

Multi-frequency cascading of wireless AP with other Silarius AP series products of wireless AP can achieve flexible, efficient multi-frequency Mesh networking

  • Multi-frequency and Multi-channel Seamless Roaming

Compatible with AC product series of Silarius portfolio network deployment, seamless roaming and self-adaptation can be achieved in full Wi-Fi coverage area.

Hardware Spec




Multi-band Outdoor Wireless Access Point


4 omni-directional high-gain antenna(5 dBi)

Ethernet Port

1*100/1000Mbps PoE/WAN (waterproof joints)



Power Supply

PoE 802.3at

Gross Weight



310*255*100mm (Antenna Length: 233mm)


-10℃~45℃, 10%~90%, Non-condensing


-40℃~70℃, 5%~95%, Non-condensing

Software Spec




Multi-band Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Spatial flow


2.4G Channel


5G Channel


2.4G Transmission Rate (Max)


5G Transmission Rate (Max)


Wi-Fi Access Number (Max)


Wi-Fi Concurrent Number



Working Frequency

802.11ac/n/a: 5.725GHz-5.850GHz, 5.15~5.25GHz

802.11b/g/n: 2.4GHz-2.483GHz



OFDM: BPSK@6/9Mbps, QPSK@12/18Mbps, 16QAM@24Mbps, 64QAM@48/54Mbps

DSSS: DBPSK@1Mbps, DQPSK@2Mbps, CCK@5.5/11Mbps


MIMO-OFDM(11ac): MCS 0-9

Modulation Way

11b:DSS:CCK@5.5/11Mbps, DQPSK@2Mbps, DBPSK@1Mbps

11a/g: OFDM:64QAM@48/54Mbps, 16QAM@24Mbps, QPSK@12/18Mbps, BPSK@6/9Mbps



Support Channel


802.11a, 802.11n, 802.11ac(Compatible with 802.11a mode): 9 channels

802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n(Compatible with 802.11b/g mode): 13 channels

Transmit power

2.4G: 20dBm@11b, 1Mbps

2.4G: 18dBm@11n, HT20, MCS7

2.4G: 18dBm@11n, HT40, MCS7

5G: 17dBm@11a, 6Mbps

5G: 14dBm@11n, HT20, MCS7

5G: 14dBm@11n, HT40, MCS7

Receiving sensitivity

2.4G: <-95dBm@11b, 1Mbps

2.4G: <-75dBm@11n, HT20, MCS7

2.4G: <-70dBm@11n, HT40, MCS7

5G: <-90dBm@11a, 6Mbps

5G: <-75dBm@11n, HT20, MCS7

5G: <-70dBm@11n, HT40, MCS7

Channel Adjustment

Support Auto, Manual Adjustment

Power Adjustment


RF Time Switch

Support Turn on/off RF based on Specify Time Period

Access Limited

Support User Restrictions based on SSID

English SSID


SSID Hidden


Load Balancing

Support Intelligent Balance based on users, traffic and Frequency bands

Bandwidth Limited

Support Speed Limit based on STA/SSID/AP

STA Related

Support STA Abnormal Offline Detection, STA Burn-in Testing, STA-based Statistics and Status Query

Link Integrity Detection


Authentication Method

Support Pre-shared Key, 802.1x Authentication

Pre-shared Key


802.1x Authentication

Support 802.1x one-key automatic configuration deployment, support 802.1x non-perceptual authentication, download the one-key automatic configuration tool when accessing for the first time to quickly complete wireless network configuration

Black and White List

Support Static Black and White List

User Isolation

Support Isolation between SSIDs, automatic VLAN grouping, user isolation under designated VLAN

Prevent Terminal


Perceive the STA connected to the AP, and Intelligently Guide the STA to Access the best AP

Prohibit Low rate

Terminal Access

Set a Threshold for the Speed of Access Terminals, prohibit weak Signal Terminals below a Certain Speed from Accessing, and Improve the Overall Network Speed

High-density Access

Scenario Optimization

Support Broadcast Probe Request Response Control to Optimize High-density Access Scenarios

ARP to Unicast

Convert ARP Broadcast Messages to Unicast, Reduce Broadcast packets and Increase transmission speed



Support the integration of FAT and FIT, switch flexibly between the two working modes of FAT and FIT.

Channel Encryption


Access Point VPN

Support the encrypted data transmission communication with Silarius AC. Accessing the corporate intranet data resources is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel.



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