Silarius SIL‐MIC1 Hidden type sound monitor \ Microphone

See what you cant hear with the Silarius SIL-MIC1! 
When you need to hear what's going on without anyone else knowing, the Silarius SIL-MIC1 Hidden Type Sound Monitor & Microphone is an invaluable tool. With its discreet design, it can be installed just about anywhere and captures crystal clear audio from any room or area without raising suspicion. Whether you need to monitor your baby’s nursery for peace of mind or record conversations in a meeting room for future reference, the Silarius SIL-MIC1 ensures that your privacy is always respected while still providing high quality sound capture 
  • SIL‐MIC1 Hidden type sound monitor / Microphone is designed for monitoring covertly without detection
  • Offers adjustable sensitivity up to 32dB gain control through a 3level switch
  • Includes connections to both wired line outputs and headsets compatible with systems like smartphones or computers
Hidden type sound monitor
Micro‐chip design, small noise, high‐fidelity
Built‐in IC audio professional amplifier
Operating voltage: DC6V‐12V
Bug range: 5‐50 square meters
Connectors: Yellow (Female RCA), Black (Male & Female DC)
Apply to recorders with audio I/O

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