Silarius SIL-CONT3DHD IP PTZ 5" LED screen controller with 3D (Pan/Tilt,Zoom) Joystick

Experience the Joy of 3D with Silarius SIL-CONT3DHD IP PTZ 5 LED Screen Controller 
The Silarius SIL-CONT3DHD IP PTZ 5" LED screen controller with 3D (Pan/Tilt, Zoom) Joystick is the perfect tool for a professional filmmaker looking to take their projects to the next level. With its smooth and precise joystick control, you can easily adjust panning and tilting movements in three dimensions as well as zoom in on any shot with ease. And because it's an IP PTZ control system, you can connect via Ethernet for remote access from anywhere in the world. Get ready to bring your cinematic visions into reality with this incredible piece of equipment! 
  • Compatible with 5" LED screen displays and PTZ cameras offering high definition quality video images
  • Abilities to enrich video content with 3D Pan/Tilt, Zoom joystick control capabilities
  • System has a userfriendly interface including icons and graphical menus which makes controlling your video camera easy
  • The Silarius SILCONT3DHD IP PTZ controller comes with a 5" LED screen and a 3D (Pan/Tilt, Zoom) Joystick for ease of use
Silarius is taking quality and reliability to the next level
with the Pro series line of 5MP, 8MP, and 12MP IP cameras including a
2MP, and 4MP outdoor speed dome. The Silarius cameras, including
indoor and outdoor dome, bullet and outdoor speed dome offer
exceptional picture clarity, flexible system integration, secure
data transmission and easy installation.
ONVIF 2.4 compatible
5" colorful LED display
Plug and Play, automatically add and distribute IP address
3D jostick
Support USB and HD output
Size: 260mm*160mm*48mm
Weight: 2.5Kg

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