Silarius B245 Heavy Duty Rugged Outdoor Camera Bracket , Weather Proof

Rugged, Ready and Weatherproof: Silarius B245 Built to Last! 
The Silarius B245 Heavy Duty Rugged Outdoor Camera Bracket is the perfect companion for your outdoor photography journeys. Its weatherproof design and superior build quality will keep your camera safe from even the harshest of elements, so you can focus on capturing stunning nature shots without worrying about damaging your equipment! With its strong and reliable construction, it's certain to become an essential part of any photographer's toolkit. Get yours today - because with the Silarius B245, you know that no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, your camera will be ready when it counts! 
  • Weatherproof design keeps internal components safe from dust and water exposure damage
  • Lightweight yet sturdy toploading structure easily accommodates the heaviest cameras with ease
White Color
SIZE: 245(W)x160(D)x163(H)mm
Weight: 1.7Kgs
Material: Metal

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