Shure WCM16 Cardioid Headworn Condenser Vocal Microphone


The Shure WCM16 Cardioid Headworn Condenser Vocal Microphone is intended for wireless use by performers, lecturers, and others who require the highest quality voice pickup with maximum mobility. Its wide frequency response, low RF susceptibility and reliable operation at temperature and humidity extremes make the WCM16 suitable for virtually any vocal application. When used with the Shure Bodypack Transmitters, the performance of the WCM16 closely resembles the finest conventional vocal microphones.

Miniaturized active circuitry included in the cartridge assembly provides equalization that tailors the low-frequency response to resemble the warm proximity effect of larger vocal microphones. Because of this low-end response, it is not necessary to position the microphone directly in front of the mouth, thus avoiding much popping and breath noise, even without the included foam pop screen.

The microphone's hypercardioid unidirectional pickup pattern provides maximum isolation from ambient noise and from adjacent sound sources such as musical instruments, loudspeakers and other performers. This permits higher gain before feedback without loss or masking of vocals.

Extra lightweight, adjustable headband stays secure and virtually disappears while being worn.
Response comparable to finest conventional vocal microphones.
Hypercardioid polar pattern provides maximum isolation from vocalist's own instrument and those of other performers.
Uniform polar pattern at all frequencies for maximum gain before feedback.
High input clipping level eliminates overload distortion.
Cable terminates as 4-pin mini connector.
Supplied acoustic foam pop screen.
Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes.

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