Shure MX415R/N 15" Microflex Gooseneck Microphone with Top Light Ring and Preamp (No Capsule)


The Shure MX415R/N 15" Microflex Gooseneck Microphone with Top Light Ring and Preamp is a gooseneck microphone with a sleek, low-profile design suitable for use on conference tables, podiums, altars, and lecterns where aesthetics are important. It features an interchangeable microphone capsule design and is offered without a capsule included, so you can choose the one that best fits your application. Designed for professional installations, the microphone captures clear speech for presentation and conferencing applications in governmental, institutional, educational, religious, and business settings.

The MX415R/N permanently mounts on any flat surface using the included MX400SMP surface mount preamp with LED logic input. The mic can also be used with the MX400DP movable desktop base (available separately), which includes a configurable mute button with logic output. It is also compatible with the MX890 wireless desktop base and the ULXD8 wireless base (both available separately). The 15", single-section gooseneck design offers some level of flexibility at the top to facilitate positioning.

The surface preamp is equipped with an LED logic I/O for remote LED and mute control. When connected to an automatic mixer, the red light ring on top of the gooseneck shows the mic's ON/Mute status. A set of dip switches allows you to engage the built-in low-cut filter and attenuate frequencies below 150 Hz. Two rubber rings isolate the mic from vibrations originating from the mounting surface.

The MX415R/N features CommShield technology for shielding against RF interference from portable wireless devices.

Interchangeable Mic Capsule Design
  • The interchangeable capsule design allows you to use a variety of optional mic capsules with pickup patterns ranging from wide omnidirectional to directional cardioid or narrow supercardioid.
Logic I/O for Remote Light Ring and Mute Control
  • To operate the red light ring indicator, use the included 5-pin XLR connector to wire the microphone to an automatic mixer or other logic device.

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