SDC MSB550V48 MSB550 Series 48" Mechanical Switch Bar, Dull Aluminum


Product Overview

Building codes essentially state that egress through access controlled doors must not require prior knowledge of operational requirements. Meeting this criteria, SDC's MSB550 is designed to release electromagnetic door locks for uninhibited egress. When slight pressure is applied a microswitch is actuated, immediately releasing the electromagnetic door lock.

The MSB5500 is an economical alternative to sensor activated bars.

Only 1/8" Total Bar Movement

The MSB550 has a maximum movement of only .125" (3.2 mm). Trigger activation to release the electromagnetic lock is quick and quiet

Heavy Duty Construction

The MSB550 utilizes heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and rugged end caps. The mounting assembly is all metal. The rigid construction prevents any malfunction due to sagging or warped doors or tweaked-glass door stiles

Narrow Low Profile

The MSB550 has a narrow profile with minimum projection from the door of only 1.875" (47 mm). The unobtrusive design is ideally suited for aesthetically superior glass openings.

Main Features
  • Releases magnetic lock for egress
  • 1 SPDT output, 2 optiona
  • May be cut on installation
General Information
Name: SDC MSB550V48 MSB550 Series 48" Mechanical Switch Bar, Dull Aluminum, Security Door Controls, Security Door Controls
Category: Security Door Controls, Access Control, Egress Devices, Exit Door Bars
UPC Code: 712905177311
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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