SDC EP17624 Single Explosion Proof Magnetic Lock, Side Conduit, 600lbs


Product Overview


SDC's EP17624 series explosion proof electromagnetic locks
are specifically designed for applications where flammable vapors are cause for concern, like clean room, chemical plant, or refinery environments by eliminating the sparks or arc in the magnetic lock.

UL listed for use in hazardous locations class 1, division 2.

This unit is intended to be used in the following atmospheres: acetone, ammonium hydroxide, ATSM fuel C, benzene, methyl- ethylketone, diethyl-ether, 2-nitropropane, ethyl-acetate, furfural, normal hexane, methyl alcohol.

Operating temperature for the magnetic lock will not exceed 185° F (85° C). Maximum ambient temperature is not to exceed 104° F (40° C). For supply connections, use a suitable wire with a minimum insulation temperature rating of 167° F (75° C).

This unit must be connected to a NEC (National Electric Code), NFPA 70) class 2 supply circuit rated for 24 VDC with a minimum current output of 500 mA and output power of 12 watts. UL listed SDC 600 series power controller is recommended.

Main Features
  • Hazardous location design
  • Explosion proof expoxy sealed
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Conduit chamber with terminal block
  • Interlocking quick mount assembly
  • Voltage and current spike protection
  • Door position status (DPS)
General Information
Name: SDC EP17624 Single Explosion Proof Magnetic Lock, Side Conduit, 600lbs, Security Door Controls, Security Door Controls
Category: Security Door Controls, Access Control, Locking Devices, Magnetic Locks
UPC Code: 712905212951
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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