Ring 852239005512 PRO Wedge Kit


Ring 852239005512 Pro Wedge Kit

Make the right mount! The Ring 852239005512 Pro Wedge Kit was designed to fit flat against siding or at an angle to ensure motion detection is optimal. A better view is just one kit away.


Perfect Placement

Homeowners can now keep an eye on their homes night and day with Ring’s line of Video Doorbells. The Video Doorbell Kit is crafted to make sure the Video Doorbell is secured properly and setup to provide the best possible view.


The Right Fit

This Pro Wedge Kit comes with 3 stackable wedges that range from 5º, 10º, and 15º angles. Best of all it is paintable to match or blend into any home.


Included 3 Stackable Wedges
Range 5º, 10º, & 15º Angles
Exterior paintable to match home

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