Ring 4K18SZ-0EN0 Alarm Home Security Kit 8-Piece (2nd Generation)


Protect 4 windows or doors, add motion detection to 1 hallway or room, and control it all from the Ring app. Cover areas like the front door, bedrooms or the living room. 

  • Real-Time Mobile Alerts: Receive notifications when any of your alarm sensors are triggered.
  • 24-Hour Backup Battery: Keep your home safe and secure even if the power goes out.
  • Optional Cellular Backup: Continue monitoring your home in the event your system goes offline.
  • Optional 24/7 Support: Add an extra layer of protection with our dedicated professional monitoring team.


  • Ring Alarm Base Station
  • Ring Alarm Keypad
  • 4 Contact Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Range Extender

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