PROFICIENT PAS-AW-GSBSUB-12 Signature Series 12" In-Ground Landscape Subwoofer


The Proficient Signature In-Ground Subwoofer features a waterproof HDPE enclosure which is dunk tested before shipment to ensure against leaks. The port and canopy assembly is designed to move air in an even 360-degree pattern. The critter-proof aluminum mesh grill cover allows for maximum air flow while protecting the entire port assembly against bugs, animals and debris.

Main Features

  • Waterproof HDPE enclosures are made from the same material used in municipal water supply lines. We dunk test every subwoofer before it ships to ensure a waterproof enclosure.
  • The internal design of the port and canopy assembly spreads moving air evenly in a 360-degree pattern, reducing air turbulence and eliminating annoying "port noise".
  • The port assembly is covered by an aluminum mesh grille that allows unrestricted airflow yet prevents intrusion of bugs, animals and debris.
  • The subwoofer’s low impedance 8Ω design is the best option when it comes to delivering jaw dropping performance in an outdoor environment. Optimized for use with PAS-AW-LS-4 or PAS-AW-LS-6 landscape speakers.

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