Proficient C661 Ceiling LCR Speaker with 6-1/2" Graphite Woofer and 1" Pivoting (Each)


Proficient Audio C661

Graphite is one of our favorite woofer materials, and it's part of what makes the C661 so good. The C661's graphite woofer and aluminum dome tweeter are mounted at a 15-degree angle, making this speaker ideal for the front left, center and right channels in a home theater systems—and even for the surround channels, too!

Small never sounded so sweet.
The great sound of a 6½-inch graphite woofer makes the C661 our best-sounding compact ceiling LCR speaker. The ultra-stiff woofer cone contributes to the immense power handling, the deep bass and the natural-sounding midrange. A 1-inch silk dome tweeter blends perfectly with the woofer, thanks to careful tweaking from our team of dedicated audiophiles.

We set the C661's woofer and tweeter at a 15-degree angle, so you can mount the speaker above a TV and point it at the listeners. You get sound imaging very similar to what you'd get with a conventional home theater system. The 92 dB sensitivity and 125-watt power handling assure that the C661 will work great in any system. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

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