Pro Control® Charging Cradle for PC-PRO24-Z PRO24.DOCK PC-PRO24Z-DOCK


Pro Control Charging Cradle for PC-PRO24-Z

The PC-PRO24-DOCK is the charging dock for the PC-PRO24-Z remote. Always keep the remote powered and ready with this simple and stylish remote charging solution. Uses the power adaptor that ships with each remote.


  • Input 5.0V @ 1.0A
  • Pro Control Part# 11-500025-14
  • Micro-USB B Input Plug
Supported remote control PRO24.z
Support for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® app Yes
Support for virtual PC control Yes
Support for 2-way feedback from compatible device Yes
Integrated RS232 ports 2
Ethernet control Yes
Ethernet for programming Yes
Adjustable IR output strength Yes
Integrated IR routing ports 6
Voltage sense inputs 2
Integrated RF control Bidirectional Zigbee (2.4 GHz)
System commands and macro storage Unlimited*
Integrated antenna Yes
USB programming Yes
Dimensions H x W x D (inches) 4.5 x 9.5 x 1.3

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