Pro Control® Relay Control Module PRO.RELAY.4 PC-PRO-RELAY-4


Pro Control Relay Control Module

Featuring four individually addressable relays, the PC-PRO-RELAY-4 expands control from a Pro Control system to connected electronics ranging from amplifiers to window coverings. Using discrete infrared control, each relay can be triggered from Pro Control handheld remote controllers, processors or even third-party infrared repeater systems. Each of the four relays can be configured in either a normally open or a normally closed position. The PC-PRO-RELAY-4 can be surface-mounted and powered through either the included power supply or PoE.

Additional Features


  • 4 individually addressable relays
  • Relays capable of switching up to 28VDC@5A
  • Discrete set of IR codes and an IR input allow relays to be triggered from virtually any IR programmable system
  • Relays can be used in a normally open or normally closed configuration
  • Relays create a “dry contact”
  • Programmable momentary relay hold times
  • Micro USB port for programming and firmware updates
  • Ethernet RJ-45 jack
  • IR input mini-jack for connection to a Pro Control Processor
  • The relays can be controlled with both IR and Ethernet
  • Can be powered optionally with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 12VDC 1A power supply included
  • Surface mount or free standing

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