Polk Audio 265-RT Vanishing RT Series LCR In-Wall Loudspeaker


Polk Audio 265-RT Vanishing RT Series LCR In-Wall Loudspeaker

Get the right fit! The Polk Audio 265-RT isn’t just a full-range dynamic audio low-profile speaker; it is also specifically designed with a flush fit so homeowners can have it installed against the wall no problem. Discrete and easy-to-install, this Vanishing RT Series LCR In-Wall Loudspeaker is the innovative choice.


With superior controls and a patented Power Port® bass venting system, spectacular sound is guaranteed in any room environment. It offers the flexibility of paintable grilles and full-range, dynamic audio without visible speaker boxes.

A Perfect Match

Made to match the style and décor of their surroundings, the Polk Audio 265-RT fits any setting. Painted to blend in, it is virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. The wafer-thin sheer-grille magnetically secures and only protrudes 7mm from its surroundings.

Reflective Room Compensation

This Loudspeaker is compatible with Polk Audio RTi speakers for seamless blending between traditional and built-in speaker systems. Lower tweeter levels also offset reflective surfaces to cut the level in the exact 4-5kHz band where reflectivity destroys sound quality.

Vanishing Wall

Positioning limitations sometimes demand that loudspeakers be installed closer than 2 feet from side walls, resulting in a potential response bump between 50 and 200Hz. To avoid creating a “boomy” sound from this predicament, the Vanishing Wall Distance Toggle Switch is a custom audio control that adjusts the crossover to flatten response and tune out abrasive kickback, without sacrificing deep bass response. A more lifelike sound and more flexible placement make the Polk Audio 265-RT a must have.

Easy to Install

Perfect fit templates are included along with a precision flange, (available) pre-construction brackets and a patented Rotating Cam. All of this comes together to offer secure, vibration-free installations.

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