Peerless-AV SS598ML3 SmartMount Motorized Height Adjustable Stand/Wall Mount


Product Overview

Peerless-AV's SmartMount® Motorized Height Adjustable Stand/Wall Mount was designed to safely mount, raise and lower an interactive display. UL recognized actuators allow the user to raise or lower a display, up to 25.6" (650mm), with the touch of a button. The highly stable design can rest on the floor, or be bolted directly to either the floor or wall. The rear wall plate provides access to mount a Peerless-AV® surge protector or a mini PC, and the bottom shelf provides an area to store a digital pen or eraser. This unique mounting surface allows various users the ability to comfortably interact with a display, making it an ideal solution for education settings.

Main Features
  • Display height can be adjusted up to 25.6" (650mm) with the touch of a button
  • Display adaptor fits from 200 x 200 to 800 x 600mm mounting patterns
  • Pre-assembled base provides rigidity, stability and quick assembly
  • Safety limit switch automatically reverses direction and stops when a collision is detected in an upward, downward or lateral force
  • Textured black powder coat finish helps hide finger prints and dust
General Information
Name: Peerless-AV SmartMount Motorized Height Adjustable Stand/Wall Mount, Peerless Industries, Inc, Peerless-AV
Category: Peerless-AV, Pro AV, Commercial Displays, Pro Display Mounts
UPC Code: 735029329459
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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