Peerless-AV DS-VW765-LQR Full-Service Video Wall Mount for 46" to 65" Displays


Product Overview

Video walls should be easy to configure, quick to install, and a snap to maintain. The DS-VW765-LQRFull-Service Video Wall Mount with a Quick Release from Peerless-AV is designed for quick serviceaccess in recessed video wall applications. It provides versatility demanded by installers. With the quick-release functionality, users have the ability to articulate the display from the wall by gently pressing on the front of the display. The DS-VW765-LQR has a no-tool-required micro-adjustment feature and provides easy-access to any display, creating the ideal video wall. The custom wall plate spacers eliminate guesswork and on-site installation calculations and measurements, reducinginstallation time and cost. This innovative design, combined with a ready-to-install mount, makes thisthe fastest video wall installation. Loaded with time saving features, this Full-Service Video Mount isthe ultimate video wall mounting solution.

Main Features
  • Wall Mount offers a dependable mounting solution with maximum productivity
  • Can withstand a maximum weight of 125 lb
  • Supports the screen size of 65"
  • Quick Release Mechanism feature for better reliance and usability
General Information
Name: Peerless-AV DS-VW765-LQR Full-Service Video Wall Mount for 46" to 65" Displays, Peerless Industries, Inc, Peerless-AV
Category: Peerless-AV, Pro AV, Commercial Displays, Pro Display Mounts
UPC Code: 735029300847
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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