PBN-TECH PBN-PVIK Photo & Video Investigation Kit – Unlimited Use


Image & Video Search Software, designed for Law Enforcement.

Automatic Duplication Software that can work on virtually any Digital device including all types of Phones, Tablets, Computers and much more.

Image & Video usage has surged in the last 5 years and new social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram have made Image and Video Content a mainstream communication method.

Photo & Video Investigation Kit can be used by Investigators on all types of digital devices including iPhone and Android Cell Phones and all Computers including Windows and Mac.

Once you connect the target device and the PVIK 1TB drive to any computer, users can just point the software at the target devices storage system on the computer and the PVIK will begin automatically duplicating all image and video content on the device.

The PVIK drive can store upto 200k images or upto 100 hours of video footage, all content duplicated onto the PVIK drive is intuitively checked for duplicates, this ensures no duplicated data is saved on the PVIK.

PVIK is very easy to use, an Investigator only needs to connect the target devices to the same computer and point the software at the target devices folder, the software will then automatically begin duplicating content, once the process is complete, users can take disconnect the PVIK and they no longer need access to the target device.

The PVIK creates a file folder for every device it targets, this ensures duplicated content is saved into its own folder and will not be mixed with any other content duplicated from a different device.

PBN-PVIK provides Investigators with an unlimited use, kit with free updates for life, use the PVIK to conduct Image, Video Data Extractions, and take your cases Digital.

See the table below to see examples of each tools use:

Investigation Tools and Accessories Investigative Uses
Capturra 1TB Smart Drive Automatically Duplicate Photo & Video Content from virtually any device. Dual Function – Use for Case File Creations
Porn Detection Stick USB Software Process Digital Devices for illicit Content


Cross Examine Content from Capturra Processing top optimize compatibility and usage

USB Connectivity Cable Connection cable to connect Devices to computer and process target devices
Manual Detailed Manual – English
Hard-shell storage Case Hard Shell Compartmentalized Storage Case

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