PBN-TECH K-PEN-OTG – Advanced Audio Recording Pen 8GB 288 Hours – VOX


K-PEN-OTG – Covert Audio Recorder Pen – Swivel Switch Mechanical Activation 8GB 288 Hours

OTG Optimized – – Playback Audio through any Computer, Tablet or Phon

  • Executive Pen Covert Audio Recorder
  • Extremely Covert Operation – No Lights
  • 288 Hours of Storage Capacity – 8GB
  • 40 Feet Mic Range
  • Time and Date Stamping
  • 31 Hour Continuous recording on 1 charge
  • 2 hours to full charge – Fast Charge
  • Swivel Activation
  • OTG Optimized – Playback on Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android.

K-Pen-OTG provides users with a premium Pen based covert audio recording solution with many advantages over similar types of covert recording solutions built inside a Pen.

There are no LED lights on the K-PEN-OTG, this Premium pen has a mechanical activation function, the top of the Pen can be switched to Continuous recording mode or sound activation mode.

Users can record audio for upto 31 hours on a single charge or upto 30 days of recording in standby mode if the device is set to sound activation.

To recharge the internal battery users just unscrew the middle of the Pen and a USB input is revealed, recharge the device using any USB Port and electrical outlet with USB Port, charging can be completed within 2 hours.

K-PEN-OTG can detect and record sounds upto 40 Feet away, users can also adjust the microphone sensitivity to focus more on specific sounds such as Human voice, adjusting the microphone sensitivity can be done by launching the built in software on the device. Other configuration options on the software include the ability to set the time and date file stamping of audio recordings and adjust Audio recording formats.

The K-Pen can record in 3 Audio Formats

Depending on the Audio Format a user selects, storage capability will be different, below is some information on the audio formats and storage capabilities of the K-PEN-OTG

PCM mode – recording in this mode can achieve up to 24 hours of recordings using the 8GB onboard memory.

XHQ mode – in this mode, the device can record up to 144 hours of audio.

HQ mode – in this mode, 288 hours of audio files can be stored.

Specifications – K-BANK-OTG

Product Dimensions 0.56 × 0.56 x 5.25 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Memory 8GB
Storage 288 Hours
Standby 30 Days
Power USB
Time & Date Stamp Yes
Voice Activated Mode Yes
Microphone Capture Range 40 FT
Auto Level Control – ALC Yes
Warranty Period 1 Year
Country of Origin Korea


Used by many professionals for Covert Audio recording, the device can sit in plain sight inside a shirt pocket and record without anyone noticing.

The Premium microphone has been fully tested and users can even put the pen inside a pocket and record.

Users can easily activate the device and leave it unmanned in an location to record the locations audio whilst not being present.

OTG optimization ensures users can connect the device directly to any iPhone or Android phone and listen to recordings without needing to connect the device to a PC/MAC.

To Set up Time & Date Stamping – This can only be achieved through a Windows based Laptop or Computer.


  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 & 11 & Mac
  • Media player app on phone or computer to play *.MP3 files

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