PBN-TECH CV-PF1 Cam-Vox Photo Frame 1080P 128GB DVR – 9 Hours Continuous


Cam-Vox Photo Frame with Invisible Camera Lens – 9 Hours Continuous 25 Days Standby Battery

Includes 128GB Class 10 SD Card and OTG Adapter – Review footage through any Computer, Tablet or Phone

  • Photo Frame with One-way Glass
  • Invisible Lens – Undetectable
  • Motion Activated – Detects motion through Glass
  • 9 Hours Continuous HD Video Recording
  • 25 Days Standby Battery
  • 128GB Class 10 SD Card Included
  • HD 1080P Compact Portable Digital Video Recorder
  • Time & Date Stamping – Optional
  • OTG Adapter to View/Delete Videos on Phones or Tablets
  • P2P Local WIFI – View and Delete Videos Wirelessly


Cam Vox Photo Frame is an ultra-covert High-definition DVR hidden inside a free-standing Photo frame.

Using one-way glass, the DVR Camera lens is completely invisible. No camera hole is used. Using this modern method for covert cameras, the lens can even avoid detection from a camera detector.

With 25 days standby and up to 9 hours of continuous HD Recording, users can deploy the frame almost anywhere around your home or office. Superb internal battery performance.

Cam Vox Photo Frame detects motion through glass, always capturing activities when motion is detected. The camera has a 120 Degree Field of view for wide angle viewing.

Detect motion from between 13-23 feet (4-7 meters) away.

A Class 10 128GB SD Card is included with the Cam Vox Photo Frame. Users can easily recharge their Frame. Access to the hidden Camera Micro USB Port is super easy and only needs to recharge for 3 hours until it is ready to go for up to 25 days in standby mode or up to 9 hours of continuous HD 1080P recording.

You can view video recordings by connecting the USB cable to a phone or computer or connect to the device Wi-Fi to access recordings on iPhone or Android devices.


Cam Vox Photo Frame is packed with features including:


Local P2P Wi-Fi Preview – Connect locally to the device to view live footage or review video files.

Connect via OTG Adapter (included) and view footage through any Phone or tablet.

Configure Time and Date Stamping

Motion Detection through Glass – All Cam Vox systems can detect motion through glass.

Low Light Camera – Camera is ideal for use in low light conditions.

Cyclic Recording – Overwrites old files to continue recording.


Comes with easy and to use configuration software for Windows & Mac

Configuration Software

Windows App: https://pbn-tec.com/cam-widget.exe

Mac App: https://pbn-tec.com/cam-widget.dmg

Configure the Following Settings using the Software:

  • Video Quality
  • Frame Rate
  • Lighting Condition
  • Timestamp
  • Circular Recording
  • LED Indicator (on/off)
  • Power Saving (Always On/Max Battery Life)
  • File Length in Minutes



Storage temperature 0 to 45° C (32 to 113° F)
Operating temperature 0 to 45° C (32 to 113° F)
Size 7 ¼ x 7 ¼ x 3 ½ Inches – Photo Size 4 x 4 Inches (Photo not included)
Battery 2400mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
Adapter 5V, 1000mA DC adapter (not included in package)
Current consumption 240mA
Recording time max 9 hours (with fully charged battery)
Standby time max 25 days (in motion trigger max battery mode with fully charged battery)
Motion detection range 4 to 7 meters (13 to 23 ft)
Sensor sensitivity 4600mV / Lux – sec
Sensor viewing angle 120 deg
Memory card supported max 256GB microSD card – 128GB SD Card included
Memory usage 3GB / hour (video quality high)
2GB / hour (video quality medium)
1.5GB / hour (video quality low)
Video recording resolution Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Video compression mp4
Voice recording 32kSps, 32bit per sample
Voice compression AAC
File format mp4
USB Mass storage device
OS supported Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android


The Cam Vox Photo Frame is designed for use as a completely covert video recorder for use in the home or office.

The free standing frame ensures the camera is built on a 90 degree angle.

This allows the Frame to record video in the truest field of view.

The Photo Frame records 1080P HD Video using a 120 degree field of view.

This provides a wide angle view.

Most hidden cameras provide a 70-75 degree field of view.

The Photo Frame used to house Cam Vox uses one-way glass.

This ensures the lens cannot be detected by visual or by any type of reflection detector (Camera Detector)

The innovative method of using the one-way glass ensures the lens is undetectable.

Whilst the glass is one-way glass, Cam Vox Photo Frame can detect motion through the glass.

Motion can be detected up to 23 feet (7 meters) away from the Cam Vox Photo Frame.

The CAM VOX Photo frame has been strategically put together to help overcome many of the issues users face when using a covert hidden camera.

The Free standing design ensures users can point and position the Cam Vox Photo frame quickly and easily.

The biggest advantage is the professional grade camera and superb battery life.

With the ability to record for up to 9 hours continuously or be on standby for up to 25 days.

Cam Vox Photo Frame can be positioned anywhere around the home or office.

The long life internal battery is completely hidden inside the frame along with all of the video recording components.

Cam Vox Photo Frame with Invisible lens is ideal for personal and professional use and can be deployed very easily.

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